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Local Liberty Lake author David Perry has just released his fourth novel, No One Left Behind. This is David’s first book in the Post Apocalypse genre. His first three books, Not Self but Country, Crucible of Tradition, and First to Fight, are Historical Fiction novels set in the Continental Navy during the American Revolution. All of Perry’s books are painstakingly researched, even the newest which is futuristic.

Now One Left Behind
Book Cover

No One Left Behind is set in the near future and most of the action takes place in Washington and California. As the story opens, the three West Coast states are not happy with the new conservative federal government and presidential administration. The citizens of those states have voted to give their governors authority to secede from the union at their discretion. The story follows the main character from Boise who must lead a group of untrained followers on a critical rescue mission in unfriendly territory.

David and his wife, Bonnie, have lived in Liberty Lake since 2012, when they returned to the Lower 48 after living in Anchorage, Alaska for seventeen years. While in Alaska they raised a son and daughter. They are now proud to have three grandchildren and five step grandchildren. David and Bonnie are active at Valley Real Life Church on Barker Road in Greenacres.

David grew up only three hours to the east of Liberty Lake in Libby, Montana. After graduating from Libby Senior High School, Perry attended the U.S. Naval Academy. Commissioned an Ensign in the Navy, he served five years of sea duty in the Pacific and several years later retired from the Naval Reserve in 1999. He has been writing for just over four years.

All of David Perry’s books are available on Amazon. You can find all four novels and five short stories at His website, which contains interesting historical vignettes, is

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