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. . . take a minute to read this book excerpt form No One Left Behind. I have taken it straight from the first few pages of the story.

“You are in my zone, Amigo. And I think you have not paid the toll, no?”

Fear forced bile up from his churning stomach, and it burned Luis’s throat. Still, he could form no reply. He started to back away but felt hands on his shoulders. It surprised him that they were gentle, not rough. He could not find the courage to resist as one of the shadows gripped his left wrist and twisted his arm up behind his back. He barely felt the movement as his wallet was slipped from his pocket. The man facing him took the wallet from his compatriot and opened it. Thumbing through it, he pulled out his driver’s license and state ID—then some cash.

“Thirty-seven dollars, Amigo?” the gang leader sounded incredulous. “All you have in here is thirty-seven dollars? Hermano, I think you need this more than we do.” The two shadows behind Luis snickered. The gang leader handed the wallet back to Luis but kept the two plastic cards. Luis accepted it with his free hand, still too dazed to return it to his pocket.

“Tal vez . . . Tal vez . . . . Maybe I have another idea. You work for the government,” the gang leader said to Luis while he shuffled the two plastic cards over and over. “You may be more valuable than your present treasure would suggest.” Luis was still silent. His composure was returning, but he didn’t answer because he was not sure this was a question.

“Perhaps we could do business,” the gang leader smiled. “You can get into the Capitol at any time you want, Amigo. No?”

read this book excerpt
The Bear Republic Symbol

Luis still could not form an answer. He shook his head slightly.

“But I see you might need some convincing. Si?” The leader pocketed the two ID cards and slipped a knife from his belt. Luis winced when he felt his arm pushed up toward the bottom of his neck.

The knifepoint extended toward Luis’s nostril. “Maybe just a small nick to emphasize the partnership we are about to enter, Hermano. Blood brothers, so to say.”

A flash! A low growl. Fur and fangs exploded from the darkness.

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